Atex LED 5

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Petzl Atex LED 5 hybrid waterproof Headlamp

The Petzl Atex LED 5 is a hybrid waterproof Headlamp for use in hazardous conditions.

Atex LED 5

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EUR and US recharger E65200 2 (110/240 V compatible- 50/60 Hz.)
Intrinsic safety battery E61100 2 (Ni-MH 2700 mAh).

ATEX: Ex II 2 GD, Ex ia IIB T3, Ex iaD 21 T200° C - CE EN 50014, EN 50020 - CEI 61241-0, CEI 61241-11.

E61L5 4.
Weight 340g
Battery ACCU DUO ATEX rechargeable battery included
Watertightness Waterproof to -5 meters: IP 68
Usage temperature -5°C to +40°C