Simtronics GD10PE IR Extended Point Gas Detector

The Simtronics GD10PE is designed for critical applications involving large volumes of air with high velocity. In places where you need the fast reliable detection of low (hydrocarbon)gas concentrations. Suitable for duct installation.

With a measuring range of 0-20% LEL the GD10PE is 5 times more sensitive than standard point detectors. This and a response time in the region of 1 second should cover even the most demanding requirements.

GD10PE IR extended point gas detector

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Solid state IR sources
High IR source flash rate
True dual path
5x more sensitive than conventional point Detectors
Dual layer weather protector
Early dirty optics warning
Independently heated mirror and lens
Continuously operation at 85°C.
The Simtronics GD10PE IR Extended Point Gas Detector.