Simtronics GD1 CO2 Toxic Laser LOS Gas Detector

The Simtronics GD1 CO2 Laser Open Path Gas Detector is designed to provide an effective response to the detection of carbon dioxide (CO2). The Simtronics GD1 CO2 uses a tuneable laser diode to deliver enhanced coverage and fail safe detection.

The Simtronics GD1-CO2 has a tuneable laser diode at the heart of the detector that eliminates environmental effects from sun, rain and fog. The Simtronics GD1-CO2 Gas Detector needs no recalibration to detect CO2, and can replace multiple standard detectors to cover the same risk.

Simtronics GD1 Co2 Toxic Laser LOS Gas Detector

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The Simtronics GD1-CO2 can be used in offshore and onshore applications, especially for the detection of CO2 in carbon capture and storage.
The Simtronics GD1 CO2 Toxic Laser LOS Gas Detector.