Salwico ST600EX Gas Detector

The Salwico ST600EX is a Gas Sensor/Transmitter for combustible gases. The sensor head of the ST600EX consists of an EEx d sensor, a housing and a cable gland. The internal Transmitter board can be calibrated on site by one person.

The sensor of the Salwico ST600 EX is a replaceable catalytic burning Sensor. The Sensor consists of a detection element and a reference element which are provided in a wheatstone bridge. When gas reaches the Sensor, the bridge will be out of balance. The electric signal that is obtained is proportional to the gas concentration and will be converted in a linear output 4-20 mA output signal.

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The Salwico ST600EX is a Gas Detector for combustible gases.
The Salwico ST600EX Gas Detector.