Salwico GD TRUE IR Gas Detector

The Salwico GD TRUE IR is a Point Gas Detector that monitors the gas concentration in potentially hazardous environments. The Salwico GD TRUE IR is based on IR absorption. The solid state design of the GD TRUE IR improves the reliability, long-term stability and accuracy in the measurement of gas concentrations in ambient air.

Salwico GDTRUE IR Gas Detector

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Proven high reliability
Long term stability results in low test frequency
‚ÄčNo calibration cost
Automatic self-test
Failure will not give gas alarm
Presence of oxygen is not required during equipment life time
Immunity to poisoning from H2S, silicone and other agents
No saturation effects from high gas concentrations
The gas flow rate has no influence on accuracy
Several different mounting possibilities.
The Salwico GD TRUE IR Gas Detector.