Tyco T110/T210 IR Flame Detector Tester

The Tyco T110/T210 is a Flame Detector Tester designed to test IR Flame Detectors in hazardous areas. Both the Tyco T110 and the T210 are BASEEFA approved for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

The Tyco T110/T210 Flame Detector Tester consists of a module mounted cradle that can be mounted on an extendable pole, or can be used hand held. The tester is held against the front of the Detector to check both the response time and the sensitivity of the Detector.

Tyco T110 / T210 IR Flame Detector Test Source

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The Tyco T110/T210 is enclosed in a polyester housing which is approved as a safety housing. The housing contains a lamp which is electrically pulsed by an intrinsically safe circuit to simulate flame flicker. The IR energy from the lamp is focused via a Fresnel lens and a sapphire window onto the Detector.
The Tyco T110 / T210 IR Flame Detector Tester.