Salwico EV-PP IA-100 Analogue Addressable Optical Smoke Detector (040202)

The Salwico EV-PP IA-100 Analogue Addressable Optical Smoke Detector (040202) is designed to give early warning for the presence of smoke in the supervised area. The Salwico EV-PP IA-100 offers a high protection against unwanted alarms.

The low profile combined with the Omniview™ 360° alarm indication makes the Detector suitable for sites with high architectural requirements. The address is set by an 8-way DIP-switch.

The Salwico EV-PP IA-100 (040202) can be used with the Salwico CS3000, CS4000, CCP and NSAC-1.

The Salwico EV-PP IA100 is the replacement for the Salwico RDJ-2 (044560) and the IA100 (044750).

Salwico EV-PP IA-100 Optical Smoke Detector 040202

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The Salwico EV-PP IA100 is suitable for use in locations such as hotels, restaurants, hotel rooms and offices.
Nominal voltage: 34 VDC
Working voltage: 20 - 38 VDC
Working current: < 200 μA
Alarm current: < 3 mA
Remote output: max. 15 mA
Ingress Protection: Depending on the Base
Humidity: < 95% RH non-condensing
Temperature: -25°C to +55°C
Cover material: ABS
Color: white
Weight: ~130 g

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