Salwico NS-AOHS-IS Multisensor (N11250)

The Salwico NS-AOHS-IS (N11250) is an intrinsically safe, analogue, addressable Multisensor. The Salwico NS-AOHS-IS can be used in the Salwico CS3000, CS4000 and NSAC-1 Fire Alarm Systems.

The Salwico NS-AOHS-IS had 2 separate analogue sensor elements, 1 optical element for smoke detection, and 1 heat sensing element for heat detection.

Salwico NS-AOHS-IS Multisensor

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The Salwico NS-AOHS-IS can be used in the Salwico NSAC-1, CS4000 and CS3000 Fire Alarm Systems.
Smoke sensing method: Light scattering type Infra-red
Alarm temperature: 84°C
Nominal voltage: 24 VDC
Working voltage: 15-28 VDC
Working current: 0.2 mA
Alarm current: 2.5 mA
Temperature: -25°C to +70°C
Ambient humidity: 0-95% RH, non-condensing
Color: White
Ex class:
II 1G EEx ia II C T5 Ta: 70°C
or EEx ia II C T4 Ta: 70°C
Cert. NEMKO: 05ATEX1136X
CE: 0470

~100 g (head only)
~340 g complete with
Adapter AOHS-IS and Base 2IP55

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