Cerberus OOH740-A9-EX Multisensor Fire Detector

The Cerberus OOH740-A9-EX is a Multisensor Fire Detector for potentially explosive areas.

Cerberus OOH740-A9-EX Multi-Sensor Fire Detector
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Signal processing with ASA technology
Multiple protocol Detector (collective / C-NET-Ex)
Event-controlled detection behavior
Early and reliable detection when fires occur
Highly developed immunity to deceptive phenomena
Redundant sensor system
Suitable for wind speeds of 1 to 20 m/s
Prepared for future requirements thanks to its programmability
Communication via C-NET-Ex (addressed individually)
Address automatically issued during commissioning.
Operating voltage: DC 13…28 V
Quiescent current: 200...280 µA
Operating temperature: -25…+70 °C
Storage temperature: -30…+75 °C
Humidity: L95 % RH

IECEx scheme:
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga‚
Ta = -35 °C…+70 °C
(ATEX Directive):
II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga‚
Ta = -35 °C…+70 °C
Dimension (Ø x H): 100 x 45.7 mm
Color: ~RAL 9010‚ Pure white
EN 54-5‚ EN 54-7‚ IEC/EN 60079-0‚
IEC/EN 60079-11
Protection category:
IP44 with sealing kit FDBZ295