Autronica BHH-320 Multisensor with SelfVerify

The Autronica BHH-320 is a Multisensor which is based on an optical point smoke detector combined with a temperature sensor. A rise in temperature will change the detection platform by increasing the smoke sensitivity in order to improve the detection of combustion gases from flaming fires producing a bare minimum of visible smoke particles.

The Multisensor principle combined with advanced signal processing in the BHH-320 ensures an early response to any type of fire development.


The Autronica BHH-320 is also known as:

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Ensures fast response to various fire developments
With DYFI+ adaptive and self learning function
With SelfVerify function for reduced maintenance/testing and increased reliability
Built-in thermistor for reading of temperature at the Detector point
Short circuit isolator in each Detector
Comprises a built-in alarm indicator (LED)
Automatic addressing
Proven technology
EN 54-5/EN 54-7/EN 54-17
Designed to meet the requirement of the major maritime classification societies.
Weight: 165 g
Material: PC/ABS
Color: White
Voltage: 10 – 27 VDC
Current consumption:
Stand by:
External alarm indicator:

< 0,3mA
CPD certificate: 1134-CPD-017
Ingress Protection: IP44D
Working temperature: -20°C - +70
Humidity: Max. 95% RH (non-condensing)
Maintenance: None

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