Autronica BSL-310 Communication Module

The Autronica BSL-310 Communication Module serves as an interface for a common internal communication line between all the different I/O modules.


Module provides:
RS-232 interface with handshake, all lines 
Galvanically isolated to allow floating reference
Built in battery monitoring with control outputs for activation of charger/battery
Monitoring of earthing faults.

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Interface for internal communication between all I/O modules
Easily plugged onto each other or onto other I/O modules on a standard mounting rail
Automatic addressing
Designed to meet EN 54 requirements and conforms to CE standards.
Dimensions: 95 x 89 x 32 mm
Weight: 81g
Materials: Top and bottom: Zytel FR7200
Snap on mounting device: Zytel 7335S
Electrical connection: Internal system: plug in connection and ribbon cables
Mounting: Onto a standard mounting rail inside
the Fire Alarm Control Panel or Controller