Autronica BSB-310 Output Module, monitored

The Autronica BSB-310 is an Output Module that provides four monitored output circuits for Alarm Sounders, Fire Detection devices, Fire Detection routing equipment, fire protection devices and other fault outputs.


The Autronica BSB-310 is easily plugged onto a mounting rail inside the fire alarm control panel/controller. Each alarm circuit has its own freely programmable address and signal frequencies. The standard frequency is 2Hz. Each output is fused with a 1A self-resetting fuse. The outputs are continuously monitored to detect a possible break or short circuit.
24V is supplied to the relay contacts via the internal bus, or in parallel via the screw terminals. The module will automatically detect its own address; no dip switch or jumper settings are required.

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Provides four monitored output circuits
Monitoring function for break or short circuiting
Easily plugged onto each other or onto other I/O modules on a standard mounting rail
Automatic addressing of the I/O module
Designed to meet EN 54 requirements, and conforms to CE standards.
The Autronica BSB-310 Output Module, monitored.