KAC MCP4 Double Pole Changeover Contact Model

The KAC MCP4 Double Pole Changeover Contact Model is a manual call point that provides installation efficiency, flexibility and full compliance with the latest standards. The KAC MCP2 utilizes a special terminal block where all the initial installation cabling is terminated. The terminal block is then simply connected to the back of the manual call point. 

The KAC MCP4 is supplied with a double pole changeover set of contacts. The product utilises two terminal blocks and wiring to the relevant terminals on these terminal connector blocks provides either a ‘normally open’ or ‘normally closed’ operation.

KAC MCP4 Double Pole Changeover Contact Model
Unique ‘Plug & Play’ installation concept
Total ‘Flex-Ability’ in the choice of operating element
Anti-Tamper facility
Enhanced aesthetics
Fully approved to the latest standards
Backward compatibility
CPD Approved

Technical Specifications
Humidity 93± 3% non-condensing
Operating Temperature -10C to +55C
Storage Temperature -10C to +55C
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP24D

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