Autronica BF-510WP-H Weatherproof Manual Call Point

The Autronica BF-510WP-H is a weatherproof manual call point, designed for outdoor use. The Autronica BF-510WP-H comes with the SelfVerify function, and must be used with Autronica's interactive fire detection systems. The SelfVerify function ensures the highest grade of reliability, and the lowest degree of manual testing. All Autronica units with the SelfVerify function will be self-tested once every 24 hours.

Autronica BF-510WP-H Weatherproof Manual Call Point
Technical Specifications

Weight 200 g
Material ABS
Colour Red
Voltage 16 – 26 VDC
Current consumption Stand by: 0,3mA
Maximum current on detection loop 400mA
Environm. requirement EN 54
Degree of protection
IP55 with cover
IP52 without cover
Working temperature - 40 to + 70°C
Storage temperature - 55 to + 70°C

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