Autronica BF-300M/EXE Manual Call Point

Autronica manual call point, without glass. Metal, with SelfVerify function and PG16 cable glands. RIME approved. The BF-300M/EXE is a manual call-point designed for use in hazardous area zone 1 or 2. The call points is designed for use with Autronica's interactive fire alarm system, AutroSafe, and comprises the SelfVerify function. This function ensures the highest grade of reliability and the lowest degree of manual testing because all units comprising this function are automatically self-tested once every 24 hours. BF-300M/EXE is delivered with a metal box fitted with two cable glands. This version is made for applications where a higher degree of weather protection is required. The BF-300M/EXE manual call point is tested by RIME for increased safety 'e' according to Japanese standards JIS F 8009-1998 and JIS C 0934-1993.

Autronica BF-300M/EXE Manual call point
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