Autronica BNB-331 Conventional Loop Interface

The Autronica  BNB‐331 Conventional Loop Interface is a two wire interface unit for interfacing conventional Detectors and Manual Call Points. The Autronica BNB‐331 is used on Autronica’s interactive Fire Detection Systems.


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Local‐powered (requires external 24 V power supply)
Short and open circuit monitoring on conventional detection loop
Ground fault detection on conventional detection loop via fire panel ground fault detection
Up to 32 Detectors/Manual Call Points on one conventional detection loop
Detection of removed detector head (will be reported as open circuit)
24 V or 15 VDC nominal Detector voltages
Interfaces conventional Detectors and Manual Call Points from Autronica and other leading manufacturers
Short‐circuit isolator in each unit
Proven technology
TS35 DIN rail mounted
Indicators for Power, Alarm and Fault on the conventional detection loop
Local Fault outputs
Galvanic isolation between power supply and Detector interface
Redundant and monitored power inputs. Fault signalled if <18 V
Backbone bus distributing external 24 V bus via DIN rail to up to 20 units, reducing installation time
Support for EN 54‐4 power with fault relay output
Designed to meet the requirement of the major maritime classification societies.
The Autronica BNB-331 Conventional Loop Interface.