Autronica BN-342/2 Input Unit

The Autronica PowerLoop BN-342/2 is a 4-20mA Input Unit for the Autronica AutroSafe System. The Autronica BN-342/2 is used to connect third party detectors to the Autronica AutroSafe Integrated Fire and Gas System.

Autronica BN-342/2 Input Unit
The Autronica BN-342/2 PowerLoop is a two-wire power and signalling bus that is connected in ring topology, and is galvanically isolated from the rest of the system.

Faults signalled
4-20mA input below lower current limit
4-20mA input above upper current limit
Configurable in 0,9 - 25 mA range using state windows and error types available in AutroSafe
Internal error (faulty unit)
Voltage fault.
Temperature out of range

General purpose 4-20 mA input unit for third party detectors.
Analogue values supported.
Faults, alarms and warnings supported.
DIN-rail mounted
Short-circuit isolator on PowerLoop.
Conforms to CE standards
Maritime / offshore environment type approval

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