Autronica BN-303 Single Monitored Input Unit

The Autronica BN-303 Single Monitored Input Unit has been designed for use with Autronica’s fire detection systems, Autroprime (version 1.1.0 or newer) and AutroSafe (version 4.3.1 or newer). The Autronica BN-303 Single Monitored Input Unit is included with the SelfVerify function. This function ensures the highest grade of reliability and reduces the need for manual testing because the panel is able to continuously and automatically check all units that include this function.


For interfacing switches and 3rd party detectors
with relay outputs to Autronica’s interactive fire detection systems
Multi function unit: Function selected by switch setting
1 non-isolated input: on/off function with end-of-line monitoring
With SelfVerify function for reduced maintenance/testing and increased reliability on input for critical alarm functions
Short-circuit isolator of detection loop in each unit
Automatic addressing
Proven technology
Wall mounted
Designed to meet the requirement of the major maritime classification societies
Approved according to EN 54-17 and EN 54-18

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