Tyco 601H-R-M (516.600.203) Rate of Rise Heat Detector

The Tyco 601H-R-M (516.600.203) is a Heat Detector that used two networked thermistors in a bridge configuration to provide a fast response. This depends  both on absolute temperature and notes the change in the temperature. The Rate of rise/fixed temperature detectors can be used in areas where smoke sensors are unsuitable due to environmental conditions such as smoke and dust.
Tyco 601H-R-M (516.600.203) Rate of Rise Heat Detector
The 601H-R-M can be used with:
4B 517.050.041 4" Detector Base
5B 517.050.017 5" Detector Base
4B-I 517.050.043 Isolator 4" Detector Base
5B-I 517.050.018 Isolator 5" Detector Base
MUB M600/900 517.050.401 4" Detector Base
4B-C 517.050.042 Continuity Base 4"
4B-D 517.050.045 4" Diode Continuity Detector Base
DHM-4B 517.050.051 Deckhead Mount Box 4"
DHM-5B 517.050.603 Deckhead Mount Box 5"

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