Tyco Heat Detectors

Tyco Heat Detectors are available as fixed temperature Heat Detectors and Rate-of-Rise heat detectors. The Tyco Fixed Heat Detectors is activated when the surrounding air temperature exceeds the preset temperature of the detector. The Tyco Rate of Rise Heat Detectors are activated when the temperature increases with 6.7°C to 8.3°C per minute.

Tyco Heat detectors
Lavastica International can supply a wide range of Heat Detectors from Tyco worldwide.
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Article Code Description
601H-M Heat Detector
601H-R-M 516.600.203 Rate of Rise Heat Detector
611HF 516.600.214 Fixed Heat Detector 60ºC
631HF 516.600.033 Fixed Heat Detector 90ºC
801H 516.800.502.Y Heat Detector
811H 516.800.509.P Heat Detector
801HEx 516.800.532 IS Heat Detector
811Hexn Heat Detector
850H 516.850.053 Heat Detector
MD601Ex 516.052.051.Y IS Heat Detector