SST T300 Fixed Temperature Rate Compensated Heat Detector

The SST T300 Fixed Temperature Rate Compensated Heat Detectors are highly reliable thermal detection devices which have been a standard of the fire protection industry for over 30 years. It is used to detect over-temperature conditions produced by fires. The SST T300 is explosion proof, designed to be used in hazardous locations, rugged and withstands shock and vibrations. The SST T300 is UL and FM approved. It is available in wide range of temperature settings from 140°F/60°C up to 725°F/385°C.
SST T300 Fixed Temperature Rate Compensated Heat Detector
This heat detector model is designed for use in both hazardous and non-hazardous locations
Rugged and easy to install
Suitable for high temperature and high humidity environments
UL Approved for Class I Groups B, C,D; Class II Groups E, F, G
Responds accurately and positively to fire threats. . . virtually eliminates costly false alarms
Repeatable – resets itself, nothing to replace, can be tested
Versatile – available in a wide range of temperature settings
Explosion proof – Underwriters Laboratory listed and Factory Mutual approved for hazardous locations
Durable – long lasting stainless steel construction, hermetically sealed
Accurate – factory set to respond at rated temperature, regardless of the rate of temperature rise; not sensitive to momentary changes in temperature

Available temperature settings:
140°F, 60°C
160°F, 71°C
190°F, 88°C
225°F, 107°C
275°F, 135°C
325°F, 163°C
360°F, 182°C
450°F, 232°C
600°F, 316°C
725°F, 385°C

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