Salwico SWM-1L 80°C (37151) Heat Detector

The Salwico SWM-1L 80°C (37151) is obsolete, and can be replaced with the HC100/80 Heat detector 80 C (38015) + UB-6 (44445).

Salwico SWM-1L 80°C (37151) is a fixed temperature heat detector, which is designed for use in dry spaces with the Salwico C300 fire alarm system. It contains a bimetallic thermostat that closes its contacts at alarm temperature (80°C). The design and function of the SWM-1L 80 permits an unlimited number of function tests. Fire alarm is optically indicated on the detector by a LED. The indication remains on until the alarm has been reset on the central unit.

Salwico SWM-1L 80 Heat detector

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