Salwico HC100-A2 IS IP67 5200047-00A Conventional Heat Detector

The Salwico HC 100 A-2 IS IP67-IS is an intrinsically safe conventional heat detector which can be used in all fire alarm systems. The HC100-A2-IS is designed for use in areas with a high risk of explosion. The heat sensing element in the Salwico HC100 A2-IS is a thermistor type, with a short response time to changes in the ambient temperature.
Salwico HC100 A2 IS IP67 Heat Detector
Technical Specifications
Functional Conventional
Nominal voltage 28VDC
Working Voltage 19-30 VDC
Alarm Temperature 57°C
Classification A2, EN54-5:2000
Working current <25ua
Alarm Current max 54mA
Remote output max 20mA
Ingress protection IP67
Ambient humidity 95% at 55°C
Temperature range -10°C to +70°C
Material PC/ABS
Colour White
Weight ~95g
Certified by 0845-CPD-232.1711
Data EX  
Max voltage 25,2 VDC
Max current 93mA
Max power 585mW
Max internal capacitance(Ci) 53.4 nF
Max internal inductance(Li) Negligible
EX-Class II 1G Ex ia IIC T5 Ta: 70°C

The HC 100 A-2 IS can be used with:
IS-SPB-BASE - 5201044-00A - Detector Base

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