Salwico EC-H/A1R Heat Detector 58ºC 5200174-00A

The Salwico EC-H/A1R is a 58ºC Conventional Heat Detector that belongs to the Salwico EC-Range of detectors. The Salwico EC-H/A1R uses a thermal element combined with an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to provide quick and accurate detection of fires. The EC-H/A1R provides both rate of rise and static elements, and is suitable for areas where there are normally no rapid changes in temperature.

Salwico EC-H/A1R Heat Detector 58ÂșC 5200174-00A
The EC-H/A1R can be used with:
EC-BASE - 5200177-00A - Detector Base
EC-ADAPT BASE - 5200178-00A - Detector Base

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