Nittan Heat Detectors

Nittan produces a wide range of Heat Detectors which can be used in various applications. Unlike Smoke Detectors, the Nittan Heat Detectors react to changes in the ambient temperatures.

Nittan Heat Detectors
Lavastica International can supply a wide range of Heat Detectors from Nittan worldwide.
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Article Code Description
EVC-H-A2S Heat Detector
EVC-H-CS Heat Detector (High Temp)
EV-H-A1R Heat Detector
EV-H-CS Heat Detector (High Temp)
NHD-G1 Thermistor Heat Detector (Grade 1)
NHD-G2 Thermistor Heat Detector (Grade 2)
NHD-GH1 Thermistor Heat Detector (High Temp)
ST-H-AS Heat Detector