Hochiki DFG-60BLKJ Weatherproof Heat Detector

The Hochiki DFG-60BLKJ is a 60ºC Fixed Temperature Weatherproof Heat Detector. The Hochiki DFG-60BLKJ uses a bi-metallic strip that senses temperature changes. This ensures minimal standby current consumption and provides high reliability.

The Hochiki DFG-60BLKJ is suited for environments where high levels of condensation is present. The DFG-60BLKJ has a wide operating margin, which allows it to respond to both slow and fast increases in the temperature.
Hochiki DFG-60BLKJ Weatherproof Heat Detector
Waterproof design rated to IP67
Low profile shape
Utilizes a bi-metallic strip to sense temperature change
No Mounting base required
Minimal standby current
Approved by LPCB & VdS

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