Hekatron UTD-521 Universal Temperature Detector

Hekatron UTD-521 detects open fires with and without smoke development. It is used wherever a rapid development of the fire and high temperatures are expected or, due to environmental influences, smoke detectors cannot be used. The sensing chamber contains an NTC temperature sensor which continuously measures the ambient temperature or the rate of temperature rise. If the set alarm point or the specified rate of rise is exceeded, the detector sends an alarm to the control panel. The UTD-521 is available in three sensitivity ranges according to EN 54-5, detectors of Classes 1 and 2 being rate-of-rise detectors and detectors of Class 3 only fixed temperature detectors.

This item is no longer available, and is replaced by the TCD-563.

Hekatron UTD-521 Universal temperature detector
The UTD-521 can be used with:
Hekatron USB501-1 standard base
USB-502-1 4100005-01-01 Detector base
USB-502-2 4100005-02-01 Detector base flush/recess mount
USB-502-3 4100005-03-01 Detector base wet space

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