Autronica BE-34 Addressable Heat Detector 56ºC

The BE-34 Heat Detector is out of production, but is still available in limited availability.

The Autronica BE-34 is an addressable heat detector, designed for use in damp areas. The Autronica BE-34 uses a thermistor to measure the temperature. At 50ºC, the Autronica BE-34 gives a prewarning, and gives an alarm when the temperature reaches the fixed alarm limit of 56ºC.

Technical specifications

Weight 215 g
Materials Self-extinguishing polycarbonate.
Colour Light grey
Alarm Indicator Yes
Sensitivity Grade 1, acc. to EN-54 part 5
Working Voltage 14 V DC ± 2 V
Current consumption

Environm. requirem. EN-54 part 5
Degree of protection IP56
Temperature - 20°C to + 40°C

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