Autronica BD-25 Heat Detector

The Autronica BD-25 is a IP24 Heat Detector with socket, designed for use in dry areas. The BD-25 Heat Detector gives an alarm when it reaches a fixed alarm limit of 56ºC, when the temperature increases slowly. When a rapid increase of temperature occurs, the BD-25 will give an alarm at a slightly lower temperature. The Autronica BD-25 is often used in places where smoke detectors are not used due to false alarms.

Autronica BD-25 Heat detector
For use in dry rooms
Built-in alarm indicator (LED)
EN 54-5

Technical Specifications

Weight 65g
Materials Polycarbonate
Sensitivity Acc. EN 54-5, class A1
Working voltage 14 VDC ± 2 V
Current consumption

 0,2 mA
> 35 mA
Current load T-output (BD-26/T) 6 mA, LED
Environment requirement EN 54-5
Environment For use in dry rooms
Degree of protection IP23
Temperature -20°C - +50°C
Humidity (non condensing) Max. 95 % RH

The Autronica BD-25 is also known as:
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