Tyco 811FEX Solar Blind Flame Detector

The Tyco 811FEX (516.800.067) is an addressable Flame Detector and is designed for indoor use. The 811FEXis a full featured solar blind Flame Detector, which provides a high degree of false alarm immunity. The Tyco 811FEX is an intrinsically safe Flame Detector, making it usable in hazardous areas.

Tyco 811F-EX Flame Detector

The Tyco 811FEX is also known as:
811 F-EX
811 FEX
811 F-E-X.

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Not blinded by oil mist in machinery spaces
Reduces cabling, no interface required
No additional power source required
Easy installation, uses a common plug in
Base for Smoke and Heat Detectors
Can be used on all vessels as fully marine approved.