Tyco 601F IR Flame Detector (516.600.006)

The Tyco 601F (516.600.006) is a conventional point type solar blind Flame Detector. The Tyco 601F can be used to protect large open areas without sacrificing the speed of response to flaming fires. For full coverage, the Tyco 601F requires direct line of sight to all parts of the protected area.

The Tyco 601F is designed to respond rapidly to fires that involve clean burning fuels such as alcohol or methane, i.e. fires that would not be detected by Smoke Detectors.


The Tyco 601F is also known as:

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Solar blind for false alarm free operation
Fast response to flame
Detect a 0.1m² fire at a range of 20m
Discrete ultra low profile design
Fits a standard point fire detector base
Integral alarm LED with 360º angle of view
Use T110 infrared test source (with separate adapter).