SST F2 FLAME-i UV/IR Flame Detector Sensor

The SST F2 FLAME-i Triple-Mode UV/IR Optical Flame Detector Sensor is an economical, highly versatile, compact, and high performance Flame Detector for use in non-hazardous applications. This Flame Detector monitors for specific radiation emitted by a fire through the use of 3 sensors - one UV (Ultraviolet) sensor and two IR (Infrared) sensors.

The SST F2 FLAME-i Triple-Mode UV/IR Optical Flame Detector Sensor requires two of its three sensors to confirm and signal an alarm, thus reducing false alarms caused by other sources. This capability is what sets the Detector apart from other UV/IR Detectors. The SST F2 FLAME-i has been designed to provide a fast response in the detection of fires which makes it ideal for high-value equipment monitoring.

SST F2 FLAME-i UV / IR Flame Detector Sensor

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For non-hazardous applications only
Triple-mode UV/IR Flame Detector: one UV sensor and two IR sensors
Voltage-free contact to control or shutdown external equipment
Detection range of 90 feet (28 meters)
High and low sensitivity settings
Specialized sapphire lens
Adjustable field of view
Fast response
Compact and lightweight
Automatic reset
Solar blind
Not blinded by dense smoke
Fast response
Housing is made from a weatherproof glass-reinforced plastic material with excellent rigidity and environmentally-friendly
Discriminates against Arc Welding Radioactive sources (x-ray), sunlight, lightning, or black body radiation
24 volt DC nominal operating voltage
Available Flame Detector Test Lamp: FT194.

The SST F2 is suitable for:
Battery storage facilities and warehouses
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) equipment
High-value equipment monitoring
Paper cup forming machine
Production line
Recycling facilities
Storage facilities
Test laboratories
The SST F2 FLAME-i UV / IR Flame Detector Sensor.