SST F120 UV/IR Flame Detector Controller

The SST F120 UV/IR Flame Detector Sensor & Controller is a self-contained and explosion-proof flame detector sensor that uses the latest state of the art processor and circuitry. The SST F120 detects both the UV and IR radiations from a flame. The SST F120 Flame Detector provides rapid detection of flame, while ignoring typical false or nuisance alarms caused by either EMI, lightning, x-rays, gamma radiation, arc welding, reflected sunlight, or discharge light sources. Suitable for use in harsh environments such as offshore platforms and fuel and gas depots.

SST F120 UV/IR Flame Detector Controller
Explosion-proof flame detector sensor
Triple-Mode Detection:  UV/IR, UV only, Dual IR, IR only
Solar blind
Not blinded by dense smoke
Discriminates against Arc Welding Radioactive sources (x-ray), sunlight, lightning, or black body radiation
Suitable for use in harsh environments such as offshore platforms and fuel and gas depots
Use to monitor and detect fires within a classified area, rooms, hangers, warehouse, turbines, and other high-value manufacturing equipment
Flame Sensor and Control Electronics self-contained in explosion proof enclosure
Designed to work with the NOVA-5000 Control Panel and compatible with other alarm control panels
Automatic and Manual Optical Path Checking
Automatic Self-Test Diagnostics for electronics and sensor elements
High current relays for control or shutdown of external equipment.
Watertight and corrosion resistant enclosure for use in Hazardous applications Class I Groups B, C, D; Class I Zone I Group IIA, IIB +H2
24 volt DC nominal operating voltage
Available flame detector test lamp, Model FT194 Flame Detector Test Equipment

Aircraft Hangars Chemical Plants
CNG Refueling Stations Compressor Stations
Fertilizer Plants Gas Turbines
Hydrogen Vehicle Refueling Stations LNG and LPG storage and distribution facilities
Refineries Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities
Onshore Oil & Gas Facilities Oil and Gas Depots
Petrochemical Plants Pipelines
Power Generation Facilities Transportation Facilities

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