SST F110 Ultraviolet Flame Detector & Controller

The SST F110 Ultraviolet Flame Detector & Controller is a sophisticated, self-contained, optical flame detection device that detects flames by sensing the ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced during a combustion process. In addition, the SST F110 is equipped with an automatic Optical Self-Checking feature which continuously checks the optical path of the detector and key circuit functions. The SST F110 Ultraviolet Flame Detector & Controller is self-contained and works with the NOVA-5000 control panel but it is also compatible with other control panels.

SST F110 Ultraviolet Flame Detector & Controller
Detects a flame’s UV radiation
0-20 mA current output
3 dry contact relays
Automatic and Manual Optical Path Checking
Automatic Self-Test Diagnostics for electronics and sensor elements
Approved by UL, C-UL & CENELEC
Analog and Discrete Outputs
Flame Sensor and Control Electronics self-contained in explosion proof enclosure
Suitable for use in enclosed spaces, outdoors, and “classified” areas where ignitable concentrations flammable gas normally exists such as manufacturing facilities, tunnels, testing laboratories and to protect high-value equipment from fires
Rugged and suitable for use in harsh environments
Explosion proof enclosure suitable for Class I Division 1 Groups B,C,D and EEx dIIB T6 locations
NEMA4X weatherproof and corrosion resistant
24 volt DC nominal operating voltage
Available flame detector test lamp (FT193 Flame Detector Test Equipment)

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