Spectrex 20/20SH Hydrogen Flame Detector

The Spectrex 20/20SH is specifically designed to detect invisible hydrogen flames. It uses triple IR design along with special sensors to provide the highest degree of spectral matching to hydrogen flame emissions whilst being highly immune to false alarms. The Spectrex 20/20SH can detect a 0.5 m (20 ft) hydrogen flame at 30 m (100 ft) in less than 5 seconds.

Spectrex 20/20SH

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Triple spectrum design
Sensitivity selection
User programmable configuration
Highly immune to false Alarms
Automatic and manual Built-In Test (BIT)
Standard 4-wire connection
4-20mA sink or source (3-4 wires) configuration
RS-485 Modbus compatible
MTBF minimum 100,000 hours.
The Spectrex 20/20SH Hydrogen Flame Detector.