Spectrex Flame Detectors

Spectrex Flame Detectors are self-contained stand-alone flame detectors which are designed to operate in the harshest environmental conditions. The Spectrex Flame Detectors can be connected directly to control and alarm systems, or to automatic fire extinguishing systems.


Spectrex Flame Detectors
Lavastica International can supply a wide range of Spectrex Flame Detectors. Click below for more product information about the Spectrex Flame Detectors.

Article Code Description
20-20L UV/IR flame detector
20-20R Single IR flame detector
20-20MI Triple IR (IR3) Flame detector
20-20CTI Triple IR (IR3) Flame detector
20-20SH Hydrogen Flame detector
20-20ML UV/IR Flame Detector
20-20SI Triple IR flame detector
20-20F Fast UV/IR Flame Detector
20-20LB UV/IR Flame Detector
20-20FI Fast IR3 Flame Detector
20-20MPI Commercial IR3 Flame Detector
40-40UFL Ultrafast UV/IR Flame Detector
40/40I Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector
40/40L-LB UV/IR Flame Detector
40/40L4-L4B UV/IR Flame Detector
40/40M Multi IR Flame Detector
40/40R Single IR Flame Detector
40/40U-UB UV Flame Detector