Simtronics Flame Detectors

The Flame Detectors produced by Simtronics are designed to provide fast and accurate detection of hydrocabron fires, while still ensuring a realiable false alarm immunity. The Simtronics Flame Detectors are all equipped with a continuous optical lens auto-check, which ensures that the optical path is clear and the detector will function properly.

Simtronics Flame DetectorsLavastica International can supply a wide range of Simtronics Flame Detectors. Click below for more product information about the Simtronics Flame Detectors.
Article Code Description 
DF-TV7-T Multi-spectrum UV/2IR Flame Detector
DF-TV7-V Multi-spectrum UV/2IR Flame Detector
DM-TV6-T Multi-spectrum IR Flame Detector
DM-TV6-V Combined UV and IR Flame Detector