Scott Safety FV-400 triple IR Flame Detector

The Scott Safety FV-400 is a triple IR Flame Detector. The FV-400 Flame Detector uses solar blind technology combined with flame detection algorithms to provide high performance sensing capabilities for hydrocarbon fires. This combination provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for flame detection in areas where a single hazard in the field of view can occur.

The Scott Safety FV-400 has the ability to reliably sense flames through high densities of solvent vapors and black smoke, which increases the probability of early and consistent detection of a variety of hydrocarbon fuels from alcohol to aviation fuel.

Scott Safety FV400 Triple IR Flame Detector

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Fast and reliable, high sensitivity flame detection with high false alarm immunity using solar blind IR technology
Operational range 65m2 (0.1m2 n-heptane pan fire) on axis with wide field of view
(90o horizontal and 85o vertical)
Consistent detection of different sizes of flames from a wide range of hydrocarbon fuels
Video output provides immediate visual identification of the alarm location
Multiple field interface options to leverage it’s flexibility.
The Scott Safety FV-400 triple IR Flame Detector.