Scott Safety FV-40 Flame Detector

The Scott Safety F-40 is a flame detector which offers a smart, flexible solution for facilities where the presence of flames is a hazard. The Scott Safety F-40 Series is available as a Single IR, Triple IR (IR3), Multi IR, UV, UV/IR2.5μm, UV/IR4.5μm and Ultra-Fast UV/IR  version.

The F-40 Flame Detector features the latest technology for the best flame detection and also to minimize false alarms. The F-40 comes with heated sensor windows to eliminate condensation and icing, sensitivity selection, multiple regulatory approvals and flexible communication options.

Scott Safety FV-40 Flame DetectorFeatures
Long range and wide field of view reduce the number of units required
316L stainless or aluminium housings for long life and durability
Fully adjustable 316L stainless steel mounts included for flexible installation
Fast responses (5 seconds or less) mean quick alerts to hazards
Low maintenance requirements save time and money
Easily connect to your existing systems
User-programmable functions allow for customization to meet individual needs

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