Salwico NS-DIR Conventional IR Flame Detector

The Salwico NS-DIR is obsolete and is replaced by the Salwico EVC-IR.

Salwico NS-DIR flame detector is a low profile IR flame detector and is used in high risk areas. Internal microprocessor and two independent IR detectors secures a high degree of false alarm immunity.

The NS-DIR can be used with:
EV-SPB-BI - 5200098-00A - Detector Base
NS-ADAPT-3 - N1425 - Detector Base
NS-BNCL - N1402 - Detector Base
SPB-ADAPT - 046916 - Detector Base
UB-6 - 044445 - Detector Base
2IP55 - 046950 - Detector Base
NS-2IP55 - 04900 - Detector Base

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