Salwico AC-IR-3Fq IR Flame Detector

The Salwico AC-IR-3Fq is a triple frequency conventional infrared flame detector. The Salwico AC-IR-3Fq (5200236-00A) uses infrared elements that are suitable for the detection of smokeless combustible liquid and gas fires as well as smoke-forming open fire involving carbonaceous materials as contained in wood, plastics, gases, oil products etc.

Salwico AC-IR-3Fq IR Flame Detector
Triple Frequency IR Detector
Low current draw
Suitable for installation in damp environment
Easy Maintenance
Remote LED Option
Approved to UNI EN54-10 Ed. 2002

Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage 24 V DC
Max Current 450 μA
Max Current Detector 700 μA (Alarm)
Addressable Mode 1 μA (Alarm incl. Base)
Conventional Mode 30 mA (Alarm Incl. Base)
Application Temperature Range -25 °C to +75 °C
Humidity Up to 95%

The Salwico AC-IR-3Fq (5200236-00A) is available with an addressable, conventional base or a marine proof base.
5200236-00A Salwico AC-IR-3Fq Addressable Base
5200235-00A Salwico AC-IR-3Fq Conventional Base
46900 NS-2IP55 Salwico Marine Proof Base

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