Rezontech RFD-2000 UV/IR Flame Detector

The Rezontech RFD-2000 is an Ultra Violet and Infrared Flame detector. The Rezontech RFD-2000 is suited to be used in places where open flame fires may occur. The RFD-2000 can detect flames from burning aviation fuel, butane, graid & feeds, hydrogen, paper, natural gas and petrol.

Rezontech RFD-2000 UV/IR Flame DetectorTechnical Specifications

Spectral Response UV/IR
Detection Range 100ft (30m) for n-Heptane fire
Field of View -Horizontal 90 degrees
Field of View - Vertical 90 degrees
Response Characteristics Typically 5 seconds
Temperature Range - Operating -40C to +75C
Temperature Range -  Storage -50C to +80C
Humidity Range 0 to 95% relative humidity

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