Nittan Evolution EVC-IR Dual Band IR Flame Detector (F04J60044)

The Nittan Evolution EVC-IR Dual Band IR Flame Detector (F04J60044) is part of a brand new range of Flame Detectors. The Nittan EVC-IR uses both Dual Wavelength and flicker frequency sensing techniques for maximum false alarm reduction and sensitivity to real flaming fires.

Nittan Evolution EVC-IR Flame Detector

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Omniview 360° LED
Internal Alarm current limiting resistor
Wide operational voltage range (16v-32v)
Dual Band IR Flame Detector.
Operating voltage: 12v-32v
Operating current: quiescent: 100μA alarm: 50mA
Standard: EN54-10:2001 + A1:2005
Alarm indication: Omniview 360° LED