Honeywell SS4-A Flame Detector

The Honeywell SS4-A MultiSpectrum Flame Detector senses radiant energy in the ultraviolet (UV), visible and Wide Band Infrared™ (IR) spectrum. The radiant energy from all types of flaming fires will alert the Honeywell SS4-A to their presence.

To eliminate common nuisance false alarms that occasionally occur with UV-only, IR-only, Dual IR or Dual Mode UV/IR Detectors, the Honeywell SS4 Detectors’ FireLogic signal processing requires that UV, visible and WideBand IR radiant energy all be evaluated before declaring a fire. The Honeywell SS4-A Flame Detector utilizes real-time signal processing algorithms that are optimized to alarm on all types of fires, while virtually eliminating the possibility of false alarms.

The Honeywell SS4-A Flame Detector operates from standard 24 Volt DC power and interfaces to approved fire alarm panels or standard PLC’s. When power is applied, a self-test is performed and the fault relay resets to show no faults. The front LED lights flash every 10 seconds to indicate power is on.

Honeywell SS4-A Flame Detector

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Multi-Spectrum™: senses ultraviolet, visible and Wide Band Infrared™
Built-in test for optical “through the lens” testing
False alarm immunity
Detects hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon based fires
Wide field of view and solar-blind
Adjustable detector sensitivity
Microprocessor based algorithms: FirePic™, Snapshot™ and Tri-Mode Plot™
Wide temperature range of operation
Compatible with standard approved Fire Alarm Panels
Explosion-proof housing
Time programmable alarm verification.

The Honeywell SS4-A is suitable for many applications including:
Petro-Chemical facilities
Co-Generation Plants
Aircraft Hangars
Silane and Hydrogen Gas Storage
Gas Turbines
Power Plants
Gas Compressor Stations
Sensitivity: Adjustable between 60 ft., 45 ft., 30 ft,
and 15 ft. to a 1 sq. ft. gasoline fire
Response time: 2-5 seconds to 1 sq. ft. of gasoline fire at 60 ft
Field of view: 120° cone of vision (60° from on axis)
Input power: 24 Vdc nominal (20.5 to 34 Vdc
Power consumption: 68 mA normal operation (relay version)
75 mA alarm condition (relay version)
95 mA alarm condition (analog version)
Operating temperature: -40 to 85°C, 40 to 185°F
Humidity: 5 to 98% RH, non-condensing
Weight: 4 pounds - Aluminum
7.5 pounds - Stainless Steel
Housing: Copper-free aluminum (less than 0.4%)
powder coated NEMA4 (IP66),
tamper resistant with
integral dual ¾” NPT conduit openings
or optional M25
Stainless steel housing available
Electrical certifications: Explosion-proof
Class I, Div. 1 & 2, Groups B, C and D
Class II, Div. 1 & 2, Groups E, F and G
Class III

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