Honeywell FSL100-IR3 Flame Detector

The Honeywell FSL100-IR3 Flame Detector delivers robust, fast and reliable detection of flaming fires in a wide range of applications. All utilize sophisticated sensing and signal analysis to detect fires quickly while also rejecting false alarms.

The Honeywell FSL100-IR3 may be small and lightweight for easy installation but it is designed to work in tough indoor/outdoor environments, as well as potentially explosive atmospheres. With a large field of view it can detect a range of different types of fire including hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon sources.

Honeywell FSL100-IR3 Flame Detector

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Analysis of the flame flicker frequency for improved false alarm rejection
Particularly suited to liquid hydrocarbon and dirty fires
Affected less by window contamination or smoky fires
Good resistance against the influences of direct and reflected sunlight, artificial light, such as fluorescent tubes and glass covered halogen lamps
Arcs and electric discharges (static or from e.g. electric motors)
The radiation from electric welding provided that the electric welding takes place at a distance more
than 10 feet from the Flame Detector (a welding rod contains organic compounds which may produce a small flame)
Especially suitable fires that emit large amounts of smoke.

Aircraft hangars
Car, bus, tram and train parking
CNG filling/refilling for buses (public transportation)
Diesel engine rooms
Electric power transformers
Engine test cells/rooms
Gas cabinets
Gas/Gasoline engine rooms
Indoor chemical, fuel and solvent storage
Indoor hydrocarbon storage and processing
Loading and unloading terminals: truck, rail and marine
Monitoring of machinery
Oil and Gas pipe line and pumping stations
Outdoor chemical, fuel, paint and solvent storage
Paint spray booths
Recycling and waste processing plants.

Suitable for many applications:
UV, UV/IR and IR3 available
Hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon sources
Use in potentially explosive atmospheres
Indoor and outdoor operation
High visibility red or discrete white models available.

Great performance:
Approved to EN54-10 and FM3260 Flame Detector standards
Comprehensive automatic self-test
Remote manual self-test option.

Fast and reliable:
High speed sensors and microprocessor
Sophisticated analysis algorithms
Continuous health monitoring
False alarm rejection.

Reduced life cost:
Long life elements
Pressure compensation to avoid contamination.

Ease of installation and use:
Relay and mA outputs as standard
Lightweight GRP housing
Pre-formed knockouts
Optional swivel mounting bracket
Long range test lamp available.
Range: 110 ft /35 m (IR3),
25 m/80 ft (UV, UV/IR)
alarming within 10 seconds to
a 1 ft2 (0.1 m2) n-heptane fire
Cone of vision: 90° min. horizontal and vertical
Power: 10-28 VDC (12-24 VDC nominal)
Alarm response time: 8 to 30 sec
Operating current normal: 25 mA at 24 VDC
Housing: Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP),
Non-incendive UV resistant,
Self-Extinguishing V–0 (UL-94)
Dimensions: 4.9 x 3.15 x 2.25 in (125 x 80 x 57 mm)
Weight: 1.05 lb (465 g)
Ingress Protection: IP65
Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C, -40°F to +158°F
ambient ATEX and FM class 3611:
-25°C to +70°C, -13°F to +158°F

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