Hochiki IFD-E IR Flame Detector alloy housing

The Hochiki IFD-E is an IR Flame Detector which is designed for use when open flames are expected. The Hochiki IFD-E responds to the light that is emitted by flames during a combustion.

The Hochiki IFD-E makes a distinction between flames and other light sources by responding only to optical wavelengths and flame flicker frequencies. The Hochiki IFD-E is ideal for the detection of flames from the burning of Aviation Fuels (kerosene), Butane, Grain & Feeds, Hydrogen, Paper, Natural Gas, Petrol (gasoline) etc.

Hochiki IFD-E-IS Flame Detector

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Unaffected by convection currents, draughts or wind and solar-blind
Tolerant of fumes, vapours, dust and mist
Responsive to a flame more than 25 m away
Selectable response speed
Class 1 performance as defined in BS EN54-10:2002 (on the high sensitivity setting)
Optical self-test.
The Hochiki IFD-E IR Flame Detector Alloy Housing.