Flamtron VST-K-N UV-Flame Detector

The Flamtron VST-K-N is an UV-Flame Detector with a housing made of polycarbonate. The VST-K-N has an IP54 rating. The optical location angle is adjustable between 30°, 45° and 90°. The Flamtron VST-K-N UV-Flame Detector can be used for every Fire Alarm Control Panel.

800/24 VST-K
Technical Specifications
Height: 150 mm
Length: 200 mm without cable gland
Width: 150 mm
Housing Material: PC-LEXAN 241R
Weight: 0,8 kg
Type of Protection: IP 54
Ambient Temperature: -25oC to +70oC
Alarm Sensibility: EN 54  Part 10  Class 1
Power Supply: 24 VDC  (19,2 VDC - 28,8 VDC)
Current Consumption in Operation: approx. 33 mA (at 24 VDC)
Current Consumption at Alarm Indication: approx. 52 mA (at 24 VDC)

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