Flametron FLSS 7510-35 Flame Detector

The Flametron FLSS 7510-35 is an UV-Flame Detector with an aluminium housing for protection. The FLSS 7510-35 has an IP54 rating. The optical location angle of the Flametron FLSS 7510-35 is 90°.

FLSS 7510-35
Technical Specifications
Length: 120 mm
Width: 95 mm
Depth: 82 mm
Housing Material: Aluminium
Weight: 0,65 kg
Type of Protection: IP 54
Optic: 40 x 40
Location Angle: horizontal, 90° vertical
Ambient Temperature: -10°C - +85°C
Cable Socket: Si-S1-0 6 x 0,5 ca. 1 m length

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