Fire Sentry SS3 Fire and Flame Detector

The Fire Sentry SS3 is a Multi-Spectrum Optical Fire and Flame Detector. The Fire Sentry SS3 is a fast reacting, UV, IR and Visible Spectral Brans Electro-Optical digital fire and flame detector that is designed to alarm to all types of fires. The SS3 Detector has an alarm range 30ft for a one square foot gasoline reference fire with a 120º circular field of view coverage.  

To reduce false alarms that will occur with UV, IR, Dual IR of dual UV/IR detectors, the SS3 requires that UV, visible and IR radiant energy that is emitted by a fire before declaring a fire.

Fire Sentry SS3 Fire and Flame Detector
Multi-Spectrum™ senses energy in the ultraviolet, Visible and Wide Band Infrared™
False alarm immunity
Detects hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires
Microprocessor based algorithms: FirePic™ and Tri-Mode Plot™
Wide field-of-view
FS2000™ System compatible or stand alone operation
Compatible with approved fire alarm panels

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