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Fire Sentry SS2 Flame Detector

The Fire Sentry SS2 is a Flame Detector that senses radiant energy in the UV and IR spectrum. The radiant energy which comes from all types of flaming fires will alert the Fire Sentry SS2.

The Fire Sentry SS2 has a cone of vision of 120º, meaning each Detector can cover a larger area. The greater sensitivity also increases the volume covered by each Detector, up to 4 times more than some other Detectors.

Fire Sentry SS2 Flame Detector

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Multi-Spectrum senses ultraviolet, visible and WideBand IR™
Detects hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon based fires
Wide field-of-view and solar blind
Greatest sensitivity with false alarm immunity
Microprocessor abased algorithms: FirePic™ and Tri-Mode Plot™
Wide temperature range of operation
Explosion-proof housing
Proven in worldwide applications
FS2000™ System compatible or standalone operation
Compatible with approved fire alarm panels.
The Fire Sentry SS2 Flame Detector.